Alex Hondas, Vancouver, BC

Mitch Francis
Nelson, BC, June 2014
Ty Peterson, Ollie
I cant even begin to describe how excited I am that Ty is finally getting the recognition he deserves. We recently welcomed him to the Supra Dist. family and he is currently on the Lakai Stupor Tour with a bunch of guys from the US team. Earlier this month we went on a trip with Supra Dist. to Nelson, BC for their skatepark grand opening. Within an hour of showing up to the park, Ty was trying this and landed it multiple times while we were here. He has become my favourite dude to shoot on a skateboard. Very very bright things in this guys future. 

Watch his welcome to the Canadian Lakai team video HERE
Mikey Ray
Nelson, BC, Summer 2014
I just spent this past weekend up in Nelson with Supra, Ultimate, and Timebomb on the Friends and Family tour and shot the demo we did at Nelson. Got lucky and had the fire department take a few of us up the ladder and got about 100ft above the park. The photos are looking rad so far. Stay tuned for the photo recap that will be dropping in a few days on the Supra Distribution  blog. 
Chance Swainson & Ty Peterson
Vancouver, Spring 2014

Turning into video guy now….haha. I never thought I’d see the day but am stoked to be changing things up and working with something new. Go follow my work homies over at Supra Dist to stay up to date with what we’ve got coming in! 

Ty Peterson, Bs Smith to ping to fall to flat
Abbotsford BC, Winter 2014

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ty since he was just a little tyke. Seeing his skating progress over the years has been insane. He went from that little kid who killed a mini ramp to a guy who steps to some of the craziest rails I’ve ever seen someone try to skate. We went out on this mission back in February when him and Chance Swainson came out to finish filming for Chance’s video Caustic Tradition. With a deadline coming up quickly, Ty was looking to get a few last minute clips. We drove out to this rail and after a few run ups, the session was on. He kept landing farther down than he wanted, so this try he decided to roll up with a bit less speed and unfortunately pinged his axle on the side of the rail, lost his footing, and took a quick step on the rail before falling straight to the side of his head. Glad the lil fella is okay, but damn this was one of the crazier slams I’ve witnessed in my years. Keep a close eye on this kid though, big things on the horizon for him. 
Watch Ty’s Caustic Tradition part HERE
Jacob Pepin, No Comply
South Vancouver, April 2014
Ty Peterson, Vape hit after one of the gnarliest slams I’ve ever witnessed
Abbotsford, Winter 2014

Peter Lobas

Hastings Bowl, Vancouver, 2013

The 6 Month Recap

I’ve been meaning to update this thing for awhile now, but for some reason just haven’t been able to find the time. I guess seeing as how I’m currently sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for my delayed flight I might as well give this thing a bit of an update. 

Vancouver has been treating me very well. Between meeting friends that I now call family, a lovely girlfriend, and all the skateboarding my heart desires, it’s been quite an amazing transition. Very happy to call this once foreign place my home. I will say that I was rather nervous about making the transition out west. My first six months in Calgary were an absolute nightmare. So to have things go as smoothly as they did here was a major relief on my end. 

As far as the photos go, I feel like I didn’t shoot as much as I wanted to. Between trying to find a job, skating, and just enjoying the 30 plus days of sunshine and no rain. And just getting settled in. It’s been six months and there’s still things that need to be done. But that is moving for you I guess. 

Here’s a batch of things that did happen this summer/fall. Still sitting on quite a few things for mags so there isn’t a ton, but I’ll share the good ones. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and safe travels if you are travelling this holiday season. Much love to you all and I promise to stay more on top of this thing. 



Ty Peterson, Boardslide


Spencer Corbett goes low and Mickenzie Keller goes high


One of the best dudes I know. Peter Lobas and his Harley


Layne and Stepan, Lynn Canyon 


Stepan Soroka, Bs Flip

I was working at Supra Distribution for awhile this fall and it was hands down the best job I’ve ever had. Had the pleasure of meeting tons of rad people and opportunities I never would have gotten without their help and support. This was a common occurrence on our breaks. Pull down the box and skate for 15 minutes.                   Drew Summersides, Bs Smith

Old guys still getting it. Anthony Robinson, 180 Bs Nosegrind 

Ace Beaulieu, Bs Tail